Paints we use..

We only use top quality paints that we have tried and tested and we know will last!!

 We are now offering a new liquid plastic coating which leaves the metal looking like it has been powder coated. This tough plastic coating is imported by us as its not available in Spain. We now use this to coat car wheels and even wrap complete cars in it. The wrap on cars is removable and abailable with different effects. we will add a new page to this site soon to show you more.

Galvanized metal is always primmed and then coated with DuPont automotive paint as this out lasts most other paints and if the metal is galvanized then a rust protection paint is a waiste of time.


Wood is always primmed with a primer, which we add an anti silicone addative to, to prevent reaction from foreign materials.

Wood is always two coated with tough 2K Polyurathane paint.

Most doors are sprayed with an eggshell /satin finish as the gloss paints tend to show up any imperfections these old doors will have. New good quality doors can be sprayed in gloss paints.