Is your kitchen looking tired or dated? Alternative to a costly replacement is to Repaint it!!

Our main business is repainting tired kitchen cupboards. A lot of people just need to change the look of their kitchens and we offer a much cheaper alternative to replacing it we Repaint It. Most kitchens we do are still in good condition, they just look dated as they still have the old wood effect doors, which in their days was the trend but now look dated and most of the time make the kitchens look dark. We now get a number of the major kitchen companies on the Costa Blanca and Costa Brava passing our details to their customers who just need their kitchen sprucing up    We have a workshop in Javea Alicante and a new facility in Torre Del Mar Malaga were we do this specialist Polyurethane door spraying.


For examples of kitchens we have done look at our pictures section by clicking here!!


How its done..

  • The most important thing is to mark all the doors so its known were they come from. A plan of the kitchen is drawn up and when each door is taken off we number them in the hole were the hindge comes out of and cover this with tape so when the back of the door is sprayed it is protected.
  • All doors are then washed down with ammonia and hot water to remove all grease.
  • Doors are then sanded down and any defects repaired were possible.
  • One coat of primmer, which has an addative added to prevent reacting from grease, is sprayed.
  • Once dry a coat of polyurathane paint,colour of your choice, is  spray applied.
  • The following day the doors are lightly sanded down removing any rough spots the first coat has enhanced. We check the doors and chalk the internal panel as there is normally a gap which is now visable due to the colour change.
  • A final coat of polyurethane paint is then spray applied leaving the doors looking completely different.
  • If we are doing the complete job the frames will be rolled during this time.
  • Doors are then bubble wrapped ready for collection or for transport back to the customer.
  • Doors are replaced with the help of the plan and handles put back giving our customers a new looking kitchen at a minimal cost compared to replacing it..

Most Customers change the handles on the doors. We have a selection of handles at our office for you to purchase. We have done a number of two tone kitchens recently and these have turned out to look exceptional!!

Most kitchens we spray in a satin/eggshell finish as these don't show up imperfections like a gloss finish would. We have also used metalic paint recently see our pictures section.

Every single kitchen we have done over the last 10 years has been totally transformed for a fraction of the cost of replacing it leaving us only happy customers!!