Internal Door Spray Painting

A lot of properties in Spain have wooden doors which are dark so alot of people now paint them white or cream. This is were we can help as we spray them with Polyurethane paint so they look bright and modern. People often ask why paint them why not just replace them?  Yes you can get cheap doors and they are cheaply made, not solid like most older doors. Also most older doors are slightly different sizes so the new doors will have to be cut to fit and this is not easy so you need to add the cost of getting a carpenter in to do this. Then there is the issue of removing the frames from the walls... again not easy as they are set into the walls with rods so you are most likely going to damage the wall so again you need to add in the cost of repairing the wall and repainting it. If its a bathroom door then take into account that the tiles will need repairing...another nightmare.

So now you see why people paint the doors at a fraction of the cost and not just replace them!!


How we do it..

  • All hardware is removed (handles ect)
  • The doors are then washed with amonia and hot water
  • When they are dry we sand them down (key them)
  • If we are spraying the frames we then tape these up.
  • We then spray a coat of primmer (with an anti silicone chemical added to stop them re-acting)
  • We are now able to see if there are any gaps in the joins, especially the castillian style doors, as now they are white these gapps are more visable. These gaps are then filled using a flexable filler as they need to be able to move.
  • We then spray one coat of polyurathane paint on them.
  • The following day, after drying over night, we give them a light sand as the polyurethane paint will be hard and any rough patches will be visable making them easier to sand smooth.
  • The final coat is then sprayed leaving the the doors smooth and with a tough satin finish.
  • Most people replace the handles which are then refitted.

We offer the service of the Semi DIY option were you can do the frames yourself and we spray your doors at our office. If this option is being done we will bubble wrap your doors ready for collection.


We can spray new doors using a clear or tinted varnish. We can also strip old doors down and recoat them. We have done alot of this but need to see the doors beforehand as some new doors are badly made so its not advisable to do this or it can take up to 5 coats to make them look good clear.